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girls camp scrapbook!

Monday, July 19, 2010


two weeks ago i went on trek! i was soo scared and didnt want to go! i only went because Megan wanted me to go! hahaha i went anyways and had so much fun!! my family was great!! they were all so nice and funny! we got along so well! in my family we had:
Ma and Pa Packard
Mjika-adult child
Adam-fannypack frei
meganne adams(weirdo!)
we hiked 26 miles all together!!! it was crazy and way hard!!!! there were a lot of big hills!! one of the biggest hills was the women pull! it was way hard!! my skirt kept falling off during it so my ma had to help us push!! one of the days was a hoe down!! it was soo much fun! we learned a ton of fun dances!!!! there are so many stories to tell but i dont really feel like typing them all! haha!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


hey!! i just got back from mexico!!! it was sooo much fun!! i got a henna tatoo and i got my hair braided!! we were at the pool and ocean pretty much all day!! it was soo great!!! when we first got to mexico it was raining! we got there last saturday and left on the 4th of july!! i didnt get tan ): i didnt even get sunburned! i burn so easily so i was super surprised!! one of the days we went on a boat... that wasnt fun! haha i got sick!! but for the most part i had a blast!!! one sad thig was that we didnt get phone service so i couldnt text ): i hated that!!


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