Ryan Sheckler!

here is a cool video that talks about Ryan! you can also find it at ryansheckler.com!

girls camp scrapbook!

Monday, August 29, 2011


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Sunday, August 28, 2011


here is a way cute picture of me with my bffs!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Well it is summer. I love summer! High school starts on August 22. I am Fuhreaking out here. Megans birthday is the 21st. I am so excited for her! she is my best friend! Right now i am watching pretty little liars. it is scary. everyone said tha t this episode was so scary, and i am home alone so now i am very scared!(i keep pausing it because i am too scared!) tonight i am going to a stake dance with Bree, Paige, and maybe Megan! it will be pretty fun! It is 80s themed so we are all going to go over to brees to get our hair all crazy! we are going to have to take some pictures!(: i hope megan decides to go! well, my phone broke. it was a very sad day when it broke right in half. so now i am using my moms old phone. it sucks. it sucks bad. it turns off randomly, all the time. i need a new one. i am probably going to get a new one before school!(: megan got her phone back. i LOVE it when she has her phone. i have to babysit Bryson and Holden every monday wednesday and friday. we have a great time! i love those little boys. they make me laugh pretty hard! haha i am pretty rich now though!(: haha i love money. tomorrow i am going camping with my cousins and some freaks to mirror lake. i am NOT excited! we are sleeping in a tent. it is going to be SOOOO cold. pretty little liars makes me scared, and then really happy and then angry! i just love Hanna and Caleb together. they are the cutest couple ever! oh and i hate jason!!! i need to start writing on this blog a lot more often. haha well have a good day bloggers.


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