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girls camp scrapbook!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


it is summer!
i am so happy
but also sad..
it was my VERY last day of jr high.
it went by WAY too fast!
i hope high school is fun!
i am so scared for it though!
i am getting soo old!
yesterday i had so much fun hanging out with megan, britley, bree, morgan, and paige! they are the nicest girls ever! so many great memories were formed from yesterday!
here are some of the memories!
"DRUGS!! that is sugar ill taste it! Abbie that was not sugar! it is drugs!"
"i found a pink crayon!!"
finding a TON of school supplies on our forever long walk!
walking in the ghettos! that was scary!
well i am gonna clean my room so i can go to brees later!
if you want pictures... tell me or go on fb!


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