Ryan Sheckler!

here is a cool video that talks about Ryan! you can also find it at ryansheckler.com!

girls camp scrapbook!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hey everybody i am David Archuleta aka Archie's biggest fan he is the best singer in the world!! so if i LOVE Archie i obviusly HATE david cook aka cookie!! cookie is the worst singer in the world i think he is a poop face!! but Archie is like the bomb and the best singer in the world!! if u voted for david cook u r a MAJOR FREAK!!! if u voted for Archie i love u!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My brothers truck!!

Hey My brother just got a new truck it is soo cool!!! I love it i have to jump to get in it though!!! it is so tall and so awesome!! i love it!!! isnt that the coolest truck u have ever seen?!?!?!?!
it is a dodge ram commins!!!!!! it is so cool!!

My family!!

here is a picture of my Mom my Brother and Me!!! they are the best people in the world i love them my brother lives in Colorado so i dont see him very often!! but we still text and talk!! he is the best brother in the world!!! My Mom is the best she is the nicest person you could ever meet i wish every body was as nice as her!!! i love you mom!!!

My friend!

hey everybody!! i know you hear me talk about my friends and here is a picture of my friend her baby sister is also on my blog but here is another picture of them!! they are adorable!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


on Saturday i went and saw twilight with my mom 3 of my friends and their mom's!! it was so good loved it i recomend the movie to everybody but the movie is not as good as the books they are the best so if you have or havent read twilight still see the movie and read the books! they are Amazing and i love Stephenie Meyer!!! you are th best!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey everybody as you guessed i LOVE puma!!!

Hey everybody this is a pma lover blog so if u dont like puma go away!! jklol this blog is just made for people who like the brand Puma if you don't like it sorry i do!! i love puma and Abercrombie and hollister and American eagle and Justice and a lot of others so post a little note if you feel like it and hey maybe puma is the bomb!! jk lol PUMA IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cya lata aligater!!


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