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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HeY! i Am BoReD!!

Hey!! i am sooo bored!! i havent done like anything today besides clean. it is boring. i did laundry. i wish it wasnt late. i want to play with megan. on tuesday i saw the toothfairy! it was soo much fun! me, Megan, McKenna, Mallory, Emma, Keaton, Isaac, Easton, and Mat. it was fun! megan loves Easton. and Easton loves megan. they are gonna get married. i just nknow it. haha. there are peple at my house that are from ohio. they are weird. they arent leaving until tuesday. im gonna die!! i love Megan. i love summer. i love texting. i love tv. and i LOVE RyAn ShEcKlEr!!!! ahhhhh i dont want to go back to school. i am going camping tomorrow. my mom is gonna go to Megans and ask robyn if megan come camping with us, i hope she can!! if she cant i will cry!!


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