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Sunday, January 2, 2011

99th post!

already? sheesh i didnt think i had posted 99 posts! that is crazy. i go back to school tomorrow. school is for the b.i.r.d.s. Pretty Little Liars starts TOMORROW! i cannot wait. i love that show. i am reading the books. i finished the third one yesterday. they are the best books i have ever read. i dont like reading though, but i have to for school. ): happy new year! it is 2011! i found my new favorite blog ever! it is tandsdaybook.blogspot.com it is super fantastic. i watched legally blonde in spanish today. it cracked me right up. i thought it was hilar to the max. i dont post that much on this dang blog. sorry. i met Ryan Sheckler on Sept. 17th. it was the greatest day of my life. no joke. i went with
and Heather(hannahs mom) drove us there and stayed with us. it was a Blast. with a capital B. the dew tour is the funnest place ever. my momma got four special guest passes. it was great. i cried when i met Ryan Sheckler. wanna see pictures of this moment?! here ya go..
Me and Ryan. were in love.

My Pahonay! he signed it.(:

Megan, Me, Murphy, Chelsea, and Hannah. having a BLAST.

Me(i was crying(: ), Ashley, Katie, Megan, Hannah, Chelsea

Gretchen me and Randy. Ryan Shecklers parents!!(:

like i said.. the BEST day of my life. i love my friends. i love Ryan Sheckler. i love summer. i love dew tour. i wish it was summer again.


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