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Sunday, May 15, 2011


well life is absolutely fabulous! my friend Maddie came to school on friday for the first time in 3 months. it was soooo great to be able to see her! i am happy she is doing good! i am also nervous for her for the surgery she is getting tomorrow. she has to get full knee replacement because of the cancer and tumor. She is such an inspiration to me. she is so positive and happy! Maddie is one of the greatest people that you could ever meet. i love her so much! when she came to school she gave me and my bffs bracelts that say i wear yellow For maddie. they are so cute! the bracelet is yellow and the words are purple. (just so no one gets confused... i am not supporting the SUCKY lakers, just my bff Maddie) my parents are going to boston tomorrow! so i am gonna stay at hannahs for sure and maybe megans if she will EVER call me back. haha i need to speak to her. i was just at trent and nancys. it is soo windy!!!! i want it to be summer. i have so many projects due this week, and i wont be at home so i cant cry or scream when i am frustrated. it is going to be so hard to get all of this crap done. i need a break. i have to do a.r. term projedct, english newspaper, probably something for matharoo and science. oh yeah and that computer tech paper. bleh school is lame. i hope megan calls me back because i really want to spend some time at her house because i think someone else is mad at me? idk why but i hope they arent. well im gonna go now. bye!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am so sorry that i haven't posted on this blog forever! time just goes by so fast, i don't realize it! i got a feather in my hair today! it is supah cute! Hannah and heather put it in for me! i don't like school. i need to go to computer tech tomorrow to make missing assignments from when i went to Disneyland!<3 i bet you didn't even know that i went to that FaBuLoUs place did you? well it is pretty much my favorite. i want to move to California so bad! but the sad thing was that as soon as our plane landed in LAX, i got Ryan Sheckler's status update, and he was in Puerto Rico. and that was right after my mom said we could go to San Clemente. jeez Louise.


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