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Thursday, January 5, 2012

new year!

I though that I really need to make some new years resolutions! I haven't posted on this blog since I don't know when! I am for sure loving high-school! It is so much fun! Except for the work! Haha I have mad new friends aynd had old friendships become so much stronger! It is coming to the end of the semester and I am so sad! I don't want to leave all of my classes! They have definitely been so much fun! Girls preference dance is coming up and I am wanting to go! I just don't know who to ask! My girrrls are Megan, Bree, and Britley. We do pretty much everything together and hangout every weekend. We just had Christmas break and we hung out almost every day of it! It was very enjoyable! I had a good Christmas! I got shoes and clothes and jewelry and perfumes! Also money and makeup! It was so fun! On new years we hung out at my house! It was Bree, and breydon, Britley and Austin, and Megan and Colton! Oh and me! I over being the 7th wheel! It is oh so much fun . Ha NOT! well my new years resolutions are 1.be nicer. I am pretty much mean. 2. Learn to flirt like Bree or Britley! 3. Stop arguing 4. Get 4.0 s. I got one! I can do it again! 5. Get my license! March 27! I got my permit too late so I have to wait and extra 3 months! I have already passed the tests!! 6. Make new friends, but keep the old one is silver and the other gold! 7. Have fun! Shouldn't be too hard but I don't want to have a boring 2012! Well that is all for now! Byeee!


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