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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hey everybody i am David Archuleta aka Archie's biggest fan he is the best singer in the world!! so if i LOVE Archie i obviusly HATE david cook aka cookie!! cookie is the worst singer in the world i think he is a poop face!! but Archie is like the bomb and the best singer in the world!! if u voted for david cook u r a MAJOR FREAK!!! if u voted for Archie i love u!!!!!!!!


robynandjaredplus5 said...

i voted for david archuleta.
That means i rock.

AbBiElYnNe said...

ya totaly u r like da bomb!! Archie is the best guy known to earth!!


Yes I rock too Abbielynne! Luv ya

AbBiElYnNe said...

ya u do "Brooke" haha Archie is da bomb!


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