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Saturday, January 3, 2009


I went to the most awesome party!! it started out that my friends Jessica and McKelle were hav ing a combined birthday party but it was at 8 in the mornin so i just slept over at McKelles house and so did Jessica. we just couldnt fall asllep so we all stayed up till 245 in the mornin and had to wake up at 700 so we got only a couple hours of sleep!! these are at the sleepover!

it was at Good Things Utah!! so i was on tv!! after i went to my friend Jessicas House and we partyed!! we had some soup either taco soup or Chicken NoodleI(both homemade) i had some taco it was way good but cery spciy i tried the Chicken Noodle it was way good they were both good!!and for dessert we had hot cocoa it was way good!!!! here are pictures!!
the first on i put is at the set! and the second is the B-day girls! then Shae! then McKelle and Anna then everybody(including Jessicas Little Bro)!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Abbie! Thank you SOOO much for puttinng these on here! U r so cute! Ur the best! We need to have another sleepover like that! It was so much fun! I love you! Call me sometime!


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