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Friday, June 26, 2009

Lake Powell

i am back from Lake Powell!!!! :):( i had so much fun!! i couldnt get up wake boarding but i got up surfing for a long time i had so much fun!!!! the weather was pretty good!! and the stars were unbeleivable!! i have never seen so many stars!!!! my friend Alexis invited me and she has a speed boat and a houseboat wo we slept ontop of the houseboat!! we had 2 fires and roasted marshmallows and starbursts!!! Lari, Alexis' mom, mad hello dollys and cheesecake!!! mmmmmmmmm good!! we went tubing also!! okay now here is an extremely funny story so we had bbq chicken one night and on that night Lari walked outside to get something and then walked back inside she shut the screen door and then all of a sudden there was a small bird inside the house boat everybody started screaming and then all of a sudden i yelled a bat!!! and Lari and her mom were on the ground covering there heads because they didnt want the bat in their hair!! then the bat flew on the screen door and hung upside down!! Chris, Alexis' dad, tried to scoop him out with a newpaer but the bat flew inside again!i ran into the bathroom and then came out and the bat was outside!! haha it was so funny!!!!!!!!!! everybody was laughing!!! lol okay here is the next story so Alexis and me were sitting on there ski boat that was hooked onto the houseboat in the backand there were these 2 boys about our age who were about our age kept riding by on their wave runners!! and then the next day they were getting closer to our boat and then all of a sudden they were wakeboarding by one of them was trying to show off and did a jump right by our boat and he fell!!!!! LOL HAHA it was so funny!!!!!!!! and the guy who fell off when he rode by our boat when he was alone he let the people in front of him pass and then he did a trick he put one knee on the seat and stood up with the other foot on the part where you are supposed to put your feet like this click on the picture if u wanna see it bigger! it was so funny! okay here are the pictures we took there

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