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Sunday, August 16, 2009


School is just about to start it starts on august 24th so very soon i am not very excited! this summer went by way to fast! i am not really scared for i just want to know wut it is gonna be like! so ya! the best part of back to school is the school shopping! i love that! i have gotten 2 new pairs of jeans and tons of shirts prob 9 or 10!! this summer has been a pretty good one though i have gone to lake powell girls camp ohio and some other little things but the weird thing is i havent gone swimming once! well actually i went to my friends gmas house to swim but i had a stomache ache so i didnt swim!! and this year i will be pretty busy i have dance tuesday yw wednesday and tumbling thursday! wow that is alot! and then i will also have to make time for homework wow!! i will try to keep updated on my blog if u have any questions comment! thanks

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