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Friday, October 16, 2009


i know that Megan has already posted about this but i am going to also

so for YW on Wed. we went to a corn maze!! it was so much fun and so cool! the corn maze has team Edward and team Jacob! just click on the picture to see it bigger! we went onto the tem jacob side just because Jacob is way cuter!! we had so much fun until the bullet belt people came! they were these two freaky people who had bullets on there belts and they were following us! it was so scary! we just started running and they were always right behind us because we kept going into dead ends or circles! it was so scary we didnt go into the haunted corn maze just the regualr one but we still had tons of fun!!! and also a while back for YW we went ice blocking! it was so much fun! everybody should try it!

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megan said...

Change your background! I can't read anything it says!


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