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Monday, January 18, 2010


hi!! sorry i havent posted in forever!! just there is nothing important!!! ok ummm right now i am sick and so is my friend Megan. i saw Sherlock holmes. it is dumb and very confusing! i also saw avatar. do not see it!! it was so stupid!!! i love the show make it or break it. its on tonight. i love ryan sheckler!!! my favorite song is body language by Jesse Mccartney. Megan has a lover. i think they are gonna get married but she doesnt think so and she will probably kill me for saying that. btw her blog is dazzlingmegan.blogspot.com. my phone broke so i have to use my moms old sucky phone!! it stinks!! i am angry!! i dont have school today or tomorrow!! i am happy! that is pretty much all that is going on in my life.!!


Megan said...

Yes Abbie!!! Consider yourself dead!!! I don't have a lover!!

Megan Gull said...

Take that off your blog now!!! Or I will post that you hate ryan sheckler or something like that! You better take that off! I don't even have a lover!!


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