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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


uea this year was too much fun! i went to Lake powell with Alexis, Lari, and Chris. we drove there on Wednesday night. we didnt get there until 230. it was crazy business. WE had to take everything out of the truck and bring it down to the house boat. We didn't go to bed until 330. we all woke up at about 1130, which is insane because we usually cannot even sleep past 9. Thursday we went to walmart to get some chairs. we then went over to Fiesta Mexicana and home some delicious lunch! we went to the house boat and got our swim suits on and went boating, to find a perfect beach for the houseboat. we then brought the houseboat to the beach and got all settled in. I don't think we wakeboarded at all this day? for dinner we had some delicious beef stroganouf (sp?) Friday was so fun! we layed out, went tubing, wakeboarded and just had lots and lots of fun! that is pretty much what we did for the whole rest of the trip. i really wish that i had a boat so that i could practice my wakeboarding! i am actually getting pretty good! i am so proud! i can go in and out of the wak like no other! now i just have to learn how to jump! i love wakeboarding so much! Lake Powell is my favorite place ever! i am so tan now!(:

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