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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well I never finished the little 30 day challenge ...I will one day soon! But life has been busy...so much has gone on. I don't feel like writing in my diary so I am just writing on my phone. Typing is easier... ha I am lazy. I just got back from lake Powell! It was soo much fun! I can honestly say Alexis and I have grown so much closer and I am soo glad. I FINALLY learned that I just need to accept her for who she is. Which is a great girl! We just had so much fun and created many memories! :) i just can't stop talking about how much I.love lake Powell. It Is my favorite place in the whole entire world. Well at least from all of the places I have ever been to! It is so relaxing and beautiful! And the fun never ends!!! Tomorrow I have youth conference.  I hope it will be fun...? But doubtful! I feel that everyone around me is so negative about everything! That is why I enjoyed my time away. I didn't have to.think about anyone and everything in lake Powell was just perfect. I don't know why everyone is negative,? Well I'm too tired.  Goodbye!

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