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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Me and my friend Valorie

here is a picture of me and my friend!! her name is Valoriel!! i am the one with the crazy hair haha lol!! today we were just messin around with the camera today so i thought i would put some pictures they are kinda funny! some of them she didnt want me to put on but im gonna anway!! Haha Valorie!! we had so much fun!! but a couple of days ago she got a really bad fever and a horrible headache i felt so bad!! and then last night we went to a basketball game that was hoses vs. guns aka firemen vs. police men!! haha it was to sponsor 8 year old Shannon Johnson who has leukemia!! it was so cool the utah jass dancers came and it was so much fun!! but anyways we were screamin to get a shirt and Valories Mom (my 2nd mom) was like Valorie u dont look so good and she was like it is probably just cuz i was screamin!! and then i went to her house and we had a sleepover and we woke up she had a rash all over her body it was itchy!! so Her Mom was like lets go to the doctor and the doctor said she has fifths disease! that is a disease when u can be just fine and then get a bad fever and then get a rash! but it is not contageous but it might last a long time but Valorie will be just fine i love u Valorie i hope u get better but i am so happy nothin will happen to u!! but here are some pictures of u s that we took playing with the camera!!

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